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New Paper (02/2023) – Click the links below:

Moore DM, Flink AE, Prendergast E, & Gilbert A (2023). Personal submersibles offer novel ecological research access to Antarctic waters: an example, with observations of the rarely encountered scyphozoan Stygiomedusa giganteaPolar Research42.8873. View Online  PDF Download

Dr. Daniel Moore is a marine biologist with a passion for adventure. He is a Visiting Researcher at the University of Exeter where he is developing investigations into the effects of past climate change on deep sea megafauna. Additionally, he works as Chief Scientist for an Expedition Vessel operating in Antarctica and the Great Lakes.  His professional research interests are broad but include: spatial ecology of marine predators, evolutionary biology and connectivity in marine predator populations. Daniel is a passionate scientist and has worked in many remote locations around the world from isolated tropical volcanic islands to Antarctica. When not pursuing his scientific interests, he can usually be found seeking adventure in the mountains or on the ocean waves around the UK.

Daniel regularly works with businesses, NGOs and schools as a marine consultant and a passionate advocate for marine conservation. Daniel is an accomplished public speaker and writer. He is also a qualified Mountain Leader and BSAC Open water Instructor with significant expedition leadership experience. If you are interested in booking Daniel for an event, are keen to work with him as a consultant or just have some great expedition ideas you’d like to share then you can contact him here.

He completed his PhD at Durham University, under the supervision of Prof. Rus Hoelzel. This body of work investigated environmental drivers of evolution in marine predator populations and used the bottlenose dolphin Tursiops truncatus and the yellowmouth barracuda Sphyraena viridensis from the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean as model species.

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