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Daniel M Moore is a marine biologist and science communicator. His professional research interests are broad but include: spatial ecology of marine predators, population biology, connectivity in marine predator populations and chondrichthyan evolution. Daniel is a passionate conservationist and has worked in many remote locations around the world from isolated tropical volcanic islands to sub-arctic shorelines. When not pursuing his scientific interests he can usually be found seeking adventure in the mountains or on the ocean waves.

Daniel regularly works with businesses, NGOs and schools as a marine consultant and a passionate advocate for marine conservation. Daniel is an accomplished public speaker and writer. If you are interested in booking Daniel for an event or are keen to work with him as a consultant then you can contact him here.

He is currently conducting PhD research at Durham University investigating how oceanographic and environmental boundaries can influence the population structure of marine predator populations. This research  uses the bottlenose dolphin Tursiops truncatus and the yellowmouth barracuda Sphyraena viridensis as model species and examines their population structure across multiple front systems in the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

This site was started as a location to disseminate scientific research as well as being a place to inspire an interest in science, adventure, conservation and travel. Please follow the twitter feed to keep up to date with Daniel’s latest research and adventures.