Armed with just a one-way flight ticket, Daniel & marine conservationist Emily Cunningham travelled to Sri Lanka in 2013 to assist in the conservation of nesting turtles on the South coast. These turtles, subject to unsustainable levels of poaching for their meat and eggs, are under serious threat. Recruited for their expert marine knowledge, Daniel & Emily set about renovating the visitor centre of Turtle Watch Rekawa, giving lectures and tours to visiting tourists and conducting habitat management.

Turtle Watch Rekawa is a pioneering project that sees former poachers given an alternative livelihood in being paid to protect the turtle nesting beaches, funded by the tours and lectures given to tourists.

A Green Turtle nesting on Rekawa beach. © Emily Cunningham
The TWR visitor centre. © Daniel Moore
Turtle eggs accidentally dug out of the sand by a nesting turtle. © Emily Cunningham
Informative visitor centre displays.