Daniel stands at the beginning of rare primary rainforest following a steep climb up the hill below. Wet conditions like these are typical in this environment.

From June until August 2019 Daniel led two expedition research teams in to the remote rainforests of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Working as Research Manager for Operation Wallacea, Daniel was responsible for the recruitment, logistics and safety of two teams that set out to survey the biodiversity of rainforests in the northern half of the island of Buton. Throughout the two month expedition period the teams of scientists were joined by school and university groups from all over the world for up to two weeks at a time.

Daniel was responsible for the health and safety of up to 100 people, in very hazardous environments, at any one time. He also oversaw the data collection for a wide range of biological surveys – from bats to rare jungle mammals like the mysterious Anoa. Although considerably different to his natural marine habitat, the jungles of Indonesia proved an ideal place to demonstrate how expeditionary and leadership skills can transfer across different environments.