In 2011 Daniel was Scientific Advisor to the Shark Conservation Society‘s expedition to the Outer Hebrides. This expedition, led by the brilliant Richard Pierce, set out to collect data on shark species present around these islands. A secondary objective included collecting evidence for the potential presence of Great White Sharks in british waters, following anecdotal sightings and ideal environmental conditions including a large prey source in the form of a large seal colony on the remote Monach Islands.

The expedition strategy included daily launches of a Baited Remote Underwater Videocamera (BRUV), deployment of mackerel chum slicks in strategic locations and land watches. In addition to this was a wide array of environmental data collection.

Despite all the preparations this expedition was largely defeated by the British weather with many sea days lost to strong Atlantic gales. Daniel hopes to see this expedition re-run again in 2019 so watch this space…

The expedition film, commissioned by the Shark Conservation Society can be viewed below.

bruv recovery
Recovery of the Baited Remote Underwater Videocamera (BRUV)
This expedition was run by the Shark Conservation Society.