If you are looking to establish a career in marine science or conservation research it is a very good idea to join a professional society or association. These membership bodies represent your interests to policy makers as well as providing a wide array of training opportunities and other benefits. See their websites for details.


 The Marine Biological Association (MBA)


The Marine Biological Association conducts, promotes and supports scientific research into all aspects of life in the sea. The MBA has varied grades of membership including ‘Young Marine Biologist’ for under 18’s as well as its own peer reviewed journals, Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the UK and Marine Biodiversity Records.


The Fisheries Society of the British Isles (FSBI)


The fisheries Society of the British Isles is an international learned society that promotes the interests of fish biology and fisheries management. The membership fees represent excellent value for money and FSBI has its own peer reviewed journal, The Journal of Fish Biology.


The Challenger Society for Marine Science


Regarded as the foremost learned society representing the UK academic marine research community the Challenger Society has a wide range of very active Special Interest Groups and great value membership fees. I have always found the Challenger Society events to be extremely welcoming no matter what stage of your career you are at.

The Royal Society of Biology


The Royal Society of Biology aims to be a single voice for biology: they advise Government and influence policy, promote education, and actively encourage public interest in the life sciences through a range of outreach events and training. As relevant for biological  careers inside academia as outside.


The British Ecological Society (BES)


The BES promotes the science of ecology through research, publications and conferences and uses the findings of research to educate the public and to influence policy. The BES offers fantastic funding opportunities and training events for its members.


The Society for Marine Mammology (SMM)


The SMM aims to to promote the global advancement of marine mammal science and contribute to its relevance and impact in education, conservation and management. SMM has a very active student membership with student chapters around the world.


Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST)

IMarEST Logo - Colour square

IMarEST is the international professional body and learned society for all marine professionals. This is a great place for marine biologists to connect with industry. Conservation can’t be sustained without working alongside stakeholders such as the many industries which IMarEST represents.


Marine Mammal Observer Association


The Marine Mammal Observer Association (MMOA) represents and supports professional Marine Mammal Observers (MMOs) and Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) Operators globally in their task to implement mitigation measures for the protection of marine wildlife during industry operations.