Daniel loves ships and being at sea and in November 2016 he was lucky enough to cast off from shore for nearly a month at sea whilst sailing the length of the Atlantic from Germany to South Africa on board the RV Tryoshnikov.

This journey was the transit for the the ship before it began its Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition. During this time the RV Tryoshnikov was host to nearly 50 postgraduate students from around the world who were taking part in a maritime university, generously funded by the Swiss Polar Institute and Frederick Paulsen. During this time onboard the scientists conducted important studies on projects ranging from ocean plastics to atmospheric science.

Further details can be found in Daniel’s blog.

The students onboard recorded a song to document their unique journey – you can hear this below.


Daniel stands on the Bridge deck of the RV Tryoshnikov – no land for hundreds of miles.
Using bongo nets to sample the water for microplastics. Sadly we found plastic even in these remote waters, far from human habitation.
Approaching Cape Town at the end of the expedition.
This rosette of Niskin Bottles was attached to a CTD instrument and lowered several kilometers below the surface to collect water samples for study.