Two days ago the PhD adventure began in a flurried frenzy of packing, buying, unpacking, travelling and meeting more people than I can remember meeting in such a short period for a very long time. I have moved into Brackenbury halls, the postgraduate accommodation for members of University College (more affectionately known as ‘Castle’), Durham University. My room is light, airy and spacious and all of my fellow ‘Castlemen’ flatmates were extremely welcome and friendly.


The next two weeks is a diary packed maelstrom of inductions, socials and events designed to allow us to settle into life at Durham University. Particular social calendar highlights include Croquet and lawn games as well as a BBQ river cruise! Of course there is the more practical side of laboratory inductions and equipment training and there seems to be a good balance of fun and serious events planned.


For now I’m happy being swept along in the excitement of it all but I am looking forward to getting stuck into the work. Hopefully I’ll be able to post more pictures and a research update when I get chance. Floreat Castellum!


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